PT. CENTRA MULTI ELEKTRINDO is a well respected engineering, and construction expert company in Indonesia’s private sector with extensive experience in the implementation of large and successful mechanical, electrical and civil projects since its establishment in 1992.

Motivated by the success the company has achieved, PT. CENTRA MULTI ELEKTRINDO has developed from its original Engineering, Procurement and Construction focus, by dealing in an array of activities such as :

  • Mechanical Engineering project
  • Electrical Engineering project
  • Civil Engineering Project

With the know-how gained from commissioning major electrical and mechanical projects company has formulated grand strategies to make it become a major force in the Indonesian engineering and construction business.

Experience personnels, procedures and systems are available to manage any sized projects.

Our Core Business

    • Process Facilities
    • Pressure Vessels
    • Mechanical InstallationWorks
    • Hot and Cold Insulation
    • Power Plants
    • Substations
    • Transmission Lines
    • Distribution Lines
    • Electrical Installation for Industrial Applications
    • Fire Protection System
    • Power Plants Building
    • Stringing
    • Erection
    • Commissioning